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Advanced Energy Systems Group

Advanced Energy Systems Group

Welcome to the Advanced Energy Systems (AES) group. Our scientists and engineers discover and develop new technologies to solve some of our country's most pressing energy needs. We provide a full cycle of technology development—from basic research to large-scale demonstration and deployment, as well as licensing technology to industrial partners. AES staff comprise one of four technical groups within the Energy Processes & Materials Division (EPM) in the Energy & Environment Directorate (EED) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Group Vision

The AES group will have national impacts on hydrocarbon conversion and separations technologies.

  • National Impacts include improved efficiencies for conventional processes as well as novel processes to enable clean energy production from hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocarbons include coal, natural gas, oil, biomass, and unconventional sources such as shale oil / gas and oil sands
  • Conversion and Separations Processes include reaction engineering, catalysis, separations (emphasis on CO2 and contaminants), process development and process analysis

Key Capabilities

  • Chemical process development staff
  • Catalyst synthesis, characterization, and application
  • Process evaluation and Techno-Economic Analysis experts
  • Microtechnology and heat integration experts
  • Membranes and sorbent experts
  • Reaction engineering and material development
  • Large project technical management

Research Teams

Catalysis Science & Application Team [+ expand/ - collapse]

Thermal & Reaction Systems Team [+ expand/ - collapse]

Process Engineering, Modeling & Economics Team [+ expand/ - collapse]

Research Institute

Microproducts Breakthrough Institute [+ expand/ - collapse]

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